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Two complex heart surgeries give normal life to an 82-year old man at Geetanjali Cardiac Centre, Udaipur

Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’ Cardiac Department’s Dr. Sanjay Gandhi with his team of Dr. Ankur Gandhi, Dr. Kalpesh Mistri and Dr. Manmohan Jindal brought back to normalcy in the life of an 82 year old man who underwent a valve replacement and a bypass surgery.

Cardiac thoracic & vascular surgeon Dr. Sanjay Gandhi said that the patient Keshav Joshi (82) was suffering from heart related problems. When he was admitted in hospital, he underwent Angiography by Dr. C.P. Purohit & Dr. Harish Sanadhya in which the arteries were blocked. This in turn was a big problem for the patient having a valve failure and blockage in arteries and it was also a big challenge for the team of doctors to perform a bypass and valve replacement surgery of an 82 year old man.

Cardiac Thoracic & vascular surgeon Dr. Sanjay Gandhi with his team of Dr. Ankur Gandhi, Dr. Kalpesh Mistri and Dr. Manmohan Jindal prepared a plan for the operation thereby successfully executing it. The operation lasted 6 hours making the patient quite happy with the treatment and disease free. Keshav Joshi (82) resident of Sagtada (Sarada) from past one-n-half years was suffering from shortness of breath, fatigue, feeling of heaviness in chest, mobility problems etc. In regard to this he was once admitted in a hospital of Udaipur but there were no sign of relief. After this he also went to Ahemdabad’s hospitals but it was all in vain. Finally he came here at Geetanjali Hospital and is healthy after the operation.

Leela finds back her beauty after Nose Reconstruction Surgery

Geetanjali Hospital’s Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Ashutosh Soni successfully reconstructed the nose of an 18 year old girl which was defective since her childhood. The operation was assisted by Dr. Soni’s team and Dr. SS Jaitawat and Dr. Bhagwant Goyal from anesthetics.

Dr. Soni informed that Leela Meena (18), resident of Pratap Garh got her nose severed at the age of 3 after a dog chopped off her nose. After 3 operations at Geetanjali, she regained her beautiful face.

Patient Leela said that she used to tie a cloth around her nose and walk in her daily life and due to lack of sufficient amount; she walked like this for over 15 years. Where this treatment demanded Rs. 1.5-2 Lac, Geetanjali Hospital operated her for without any cost.

Now she can move around without tying any cloth around her face.

Credits : Udaipur Times

Geetanjali performs miraculous surgeries, saves Mother & Child

The famous Bollywood hospital line of when the doctor says, “Either the child can be saved or the mother,” saw a miraculous change at Geetanjali Medical Hospital where the panel of doctors faced the similar challenge and saved the lives of both instead.

Two different surgeries took place in which first, the baby was delivered with a caesarian operation and immediately after that, the doctors transplanted the valve of mother’s heart thereby saving the life of the mother and her child.

While addressing the media, cardiac surgeon Sanjay Gandhi said that the unique condition came in light two months back when the 7 month pregnant woman Sulachna Nagar visited the hospital & husband with complaints of weakness of heart, problems in respiratory system and swelling in body. She was kept on medicines and rest for 2-3 months post which the operation took place.

The woman was suffering from a weak valve in heart and so the doctors studied the case and miraculously performed both the operation, second in the country after one similar case dealt with in Delhi, Dr. Gandhi informed.

Gandhi further added that he successfully transplanted the valve of the woman by replacing it with a valve made up of animal tissues and her girl child was saved by the expertise of Dr. AnjanaVerma, Dr. KalpeshMistri and Dr. Manmohan Jindal who played a vital role in saving two lives.

Both woman and her child are safe and will be discharged on Tuesday. Gajendra Nagar, husband was initially tensed about the situation and left everything in the hands of Gods and the doctors. Gajendra hails from Shivpur, Uttar Pradesh who takes care of the solar plants installed at every Panchayat Level and is posted at Udaipur since last two months.

Sulachna felt top on the world after receiving the first child after 4 years of marriage as she previously had 2 miscarriages. The doctors are also believing it to be a big success as in these types of cases either the mother is saved or the child.

Geetanjali Hospital saves lives of Three Kids

Three kids aged 8, 12 and 14 years were suffering from Guillain-Barre syndrome with Bulbar Palsy who were treated by HoD Dr. DevendraSareen and his team including Dr. Gaurav Ameta, Dr. Rajesh Jain and Dr. Rajiv at Geetanjali Hospital.

Dr. Sareen informed that residents of Neemach and Pratapgarh, Nikita Sharma (14), Ayush Sen (12) and Piyush Dhakad (8) were suffering from paralysis in hands and legs due to which the muscles became inactive and there were respiratory problems as well. The kids were kept under ventilator and were given antivirus injections with IV fluids so that minerals and water enters the body in adequate amount.

After 10 days they were removed from ventilator and the kids saw improvement in their speech, strength in muscles. They are given nutrients and daily exercise regime to help them walk again.

What is GuillanBarre Syndrome with Bulbar Palsy?

This disease occurs due to the side effects of cough-cold virus which directly attacks the nerves of the body and makes them paralytic. In Bulbar Palsy, water intake from mouth comes out of the nose and the speech is hampered. In this case, the kid’s one hand or leg had become paralytic with weak speech and problem in water intake.

Valve Replacement Surgery gives normal life to kids at Geetanjali Cardiac Centre, Udaipur

Geetanjali Hospital’ Cardiac Department’s Dr. Sanjay Gandhi with his team of Dr. Ankur Gandhi, Dr. KalpeshMistri and Dr. Manmohan Jindal brought back normalcy in the life of an 11 year old girl who underwent a valve replacement surgery.

Dr. Sanjay Gandhi informed that Pooja Meghwal (11), resident of Nimahera had problems in breathing where she suffered fast heartbeats, blackening of lips & nails and red eyes. After checkup, it was found that she lacked a valve which was treated after operation.

Likewise, another girl Sakhi Patel (3.5 years old) had a hole in her heart and compressed lung pipe which was operated successfully for her to now breathe normally again.